Rage Festival 2019


The Sound Factory

This event has ended
This event is cashless!


Age Requirement
No under 18s
How many passports can I buy?
Limited to 5 Rage Festival Passports per purchaser. Every Rage Festival Passport needs to be purchased using a unique email address
Rage Passport upgrades are offered. Email passports@ragefestival.co.za to be notified of the next steps required to complete the upgrade. A 15% admin fee on your current Passport will apply.
Rage Festival Passports/tickets may not be transferred.
Ticket Resale
Reselling of Rage Festival Passports/tickets is not allowed. Reselling will result in your ticket being cancelled without refund
A refund can be requested provided the Rage Festival Passport has not been delivered or collected. Any refund will incur a cancellation charge depending on when the refund is requested.
Requesting a Refund
Cancellation may be done at any time prior to the day before the date of the event by sending a cancellation notice to passports@ragefestival.co.za
Cancellation fees: prior to 1 June 2019
25% cancellation fee applies
Cancellation fees: 1 June - 31 August 2019
50% cancellation fee applies
Cancellation fees: 1 September - 31 October 2019
75% cancellation fee applies
Cancellation fees: 1 November - 9 December 2019
100% cancellation fee applies
Cancellation fees: special considerations
In the event that you can provide documentary proof that a person in whose name a ticket was booked will not be able to attend the event because of his / her death or incapacity, we will not levy a cancellation fee in respect of that person’s ticket.
Ticket Refund Policy


Rage Festival

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